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Frequently Asked Questions
Is a deposit required to place an order?
We do require a credit card to be provided within 24hrs of placing an order. We have a credit card authorization form that needs to be filled out and returned in order to reserve your items.
However, if you prefer to pay using an alternate method of payment, we will simply use the information provided to hold your items. Just remember, without the credit card authorization form on file, your items cannot be reserved.
Is there a cancellation fee?
We do have a cancellation fee. Cancellations made earlier than 5 days before delivery will be refunded 100%. Cancellations made after the 5 day period will result in a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations on the day of/before service date will result in a 100% cancellation fee.
Is there a required damage waiver fee?
A damage fee is required. The damage waiver is 7% and will cover most accidental damage. It will not cover burns or wax on linens, as well as theft or stolen items.
Does Ashley's Party Rentals have a delivery service?
We do offer a delivery and pick up service at competitive rates. We generally deliver and pick up any rented items between 8AM-5PM. Please call to get a quote. 
Can I pick up my rental items myself?
Absolutely! You are more than welcome to come pick up your items between the hours of 9AM-3PM on week days and 8AM- 11:30AM on Saturdays.
How do you clean your jumpers?
After we have picked up a jumpy/slide/combo etc., we inflate it, vacuum the interior paying special attention to the cracks and corners where hair, sand, and dirt tend to collect.  Then we spray the entire interior with a safe disinfectant  (Simple Green "D" Pro 3) and allow it to sit for several minutes.  We then scrub and wipe down all the areas that kids come into contact with.  The disinfectant kills fungus, viruses, and bacteria.  We then spot clean the exterior and inspect the unit.
Do you deliver jumpers to parks?
We do deliver to parks. The use of a generator is required for all park use. Events held at parks must be ordered as a same day delivery if jumper cannot be stored in a safe location over night. A $25 "Specific Guaranteed Time" fee will be charged for same day deliveries.
What if my jumper gets dirty?
We expect that each unit will get a little dirty and that’s OK!  We will clean it at no charge to you.  If it gets excessively dirty or muddy, we ask that you please clean it or you may be subject to a $50 cleaning fee.  You can clean it with any mild household cleaner such as Simple Green or an equivalent product.

Rental Disclaimer

-If an order is cancelled within five days before your event a 50% cancellation fee will be charged. Cancellations on the day of OR before your service date will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.
-Jumper cancellations due to weather conditions are refunded 100% before delivery. No refunds will be made AFTER jumpers are delivered. 
- A 7% damage fee will apply to all rental items. 
- Delivery fee does not include: difficult access areas, stairs, long distances, set-up and/or break down, etc. (other fees will be additionally charged if requested)
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